IEEE Ryerson Computer Chapter

IEEE Ryerson Computer Chapter (IEEE RCC) is a subdivision of IEEE Ryerson that will be hosting computer related events throughout the year!

IEEE RCC has big plans to teach the engineering students the fundamentals and implementations of Machine Learning/AI and Virtual Reality! The fall semester will be focusing on machine learning workshops and the winter semester will focus on coding a simple game in VR.



In modern day society machine learning is being widely used in hundreds of applications including business analytics, test predictors, chatbots, image recognition and medical diagnosis. Understanding how to create artificial intelligence will not only ease tasks of daily life, it will help solve many of the problems we are yet to find the answers to.


Virtual reality is an emerging technology that will allow users to literally visit another world! Allowing users to have a 3D feel of the application’s environment, simulations are only limited to the creator’s creativity! Having great applications already in the gaming industry, healthcare training, visual modelling and education, virtual reality is truly an innovation for the future.

IEEE REC will be inspiring the innovators and helping them solve problems through coding. Students will be able to work on their individual projects through the engaging hands-on workshops, participate in hackathons, learn about research work.


In the fall workshops students have already learned about solving clustering problems with the k-means algorithm, and have started programming the algorithm with python.

Machine Learning Workshops are every Tuesday 6-8pm, more details are posted on IEEE RCC Facebook Page and the IEEE RCC Website.

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