Executive Team

IEEE Ryerson is comprised of highly dedicated and enthusiastic Computer, Electrical and Biomedical Engineers with the goal of helping their fellow engineering students. We take responsibility in our duties to make successful events happen year round across Ryerson University!


Wadi Naoum


Wadi is a 4th year electrical engineering student at Ryerson University. Wadi’s research interest: Health care, Digital Signal Processing, Automation, Software and Electronics.

In his free time, Wadi is a Sports fan! Wadi likes to watch/play Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis and Basketball. Wadi also likes adventures and trying new things out. He likes to travel and explore the world.

linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/w adi-naoum


IEEE Email: wadi.naoum@ieee.org


Dhyey Patel

Vice President Operations

Dhyey is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson University. As VP Communications, he actively engages meaningful relationships with student and external organization and is responsible for development and ensuring the coverage of surrounding events, opportunities and other announcements. He is very passionate about what he studies and loves meeting new people and inspiring them about that IEEE has to offer to them. Feel free to contact him anytime at, dhyey.patel@ryeson.ca .

Fun Fact: Dhyey loves cars, bikes and to explore various natural locations.  He seeks to research/ work on the engineering aspects of computer architecture, power systems/ electronics and vehicular technology especially electric vehicles.


Noureldin Elmadany

Vice President Academic

Noureldin is a graduate Electrical and computer Eng. student at Ryerson University.  His research is mainly in machine learning and computer vision. I will be responsible of bringing academic and non-academic tutorials and workshops to the students. Nour loves camping and hiking.

Email: noureldin.madany@ryerson.ca


Anza Syed

Vice President Communications

Anza is a 3rd year candidate for Computer Engineering at Ryerson University. Her research interests include chip design, AI, and virtually anything orientated towards medical devices.

In her free time, Anza enjoys playing volleyball, exploring hidden-gems around the city, and walking down to Harbourfront to read! She is constantly travelling and absolutely loves learning about different cultures! She adores meeting new people and is always up for a small chat!

Linkedin:  www.linkedin.com/in/anza-syed-7a8899127/

Email: anza.syed@ryerson.ca

IEEE Email: anza.syed@ieee.org

Photo Shape Editor: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/shape-tool

Jeff Varghese

Vice President Finance

Jeff is currently pursuing his 4th year electrical engineering degree at Ryerson University. He strongly believes that we owe it to future generation to think big, and to prepare them to meet the numerous challenges of the future head-on. His goal is to help incorporate experiential learning into current school curriculum and unite Canadians around a new vision for youth STEM learning.

Email : jparekka@ryerson.ca


Arunan Bavananthan

Vice President Internal

Arunan is going to his 4th year of Electrical Engineering and is the VP Internal for the Ryerson’s IEEE student branch. He is a passionate student who is always interested in learning new things in the field of electronics. In his spare time, Arunan enjoys playing video games and spending time with his friends and family.

Email: arunanbavananthan@gmail.com

IEEE email: abavananthan_1@ieee.org

Linkden: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arunan-bavananthan-368348ab/


Rubaiyat Ashna

Web Administrator

Rubaiyat is in her 3rd year of Computer Engineering. She will be maintaining the official IEEE Ryerson Website and representing IEEE’s Women in Engineering. Rubaiyat is interested in software development, IoT, VR, AR, and AI.

Contact Rubaiyat through:

Email: rashna@ryerson.ca


Ahmed Diab

Web Administrator

Ahmed Diab finished his 3rd year of Computer Engineering at Ryerson. He’s very passionate about anything computer related, whether on the hardware side or the software side. During his free time, he works on improving his technical skills, currently Android studio and python.

If you ever feel like you have a question or just need help, feel free to say hi and ask and if you like Rick and Morty, we’re already friends.  


Email: a2diab@ryerson.ca


Vruti Vaghela

Vice President External

Vruti is going to her 4th year of Computer Engineering gearing towards the software industry. Vruti’s educational interests include some of the modern technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.


She enjoys travelling to new places with new adventures. She enjoys watching many sports such as basketball and baseball. She also loves to cook/bake.

Email: vrutivaghela95@gmail.com

LInkden: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vruti-vaghela-b65a2141/


Daniel Thoo

Senior Computer Officer

Daniel is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at Ryerson University. He loves going to events and is always excited to meet new people. Daniel is passionate about learning new things, and being active in the communities at Ryerson. He plays several musical instruments such as guitar and piano, and messes around with his Arduino board in his free time. You can reach Daniel at daniel.thoo@ieee.org .


Kiril Vasilevski

Senior Computer Officer

Kirill is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at Ryerson University. As a Senior Computer Officer, he enjoys helping students to learn about IEEE, and how it could benefit the entire student body at Ryerson. If you have any questions or ideas about IEEE Ryerson, feel free to sent him an email.

Research interests include: machine learning applications, prototyping electronics, IoT, chip design, and medical applications. In his spare time, Kirill enjoys photography, airsoft, and training martial arts.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kirill-vasilevski-4a8822132

Email: kirill.vasilevski@ieee.org

Yousef Al Muzaini

Senior Electrical Officer

Yousef is a fourth year Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson University. Yousef is dedicated, passionate and hardworking individual that settles for nothing but the best. He is always looking forward to meet energetic motivated people on his journey to the top. Yousef is very competitive at all kind of sports especially soccer.

Research interests include: electronics and technology devices (apple product research and development)

Ryerson Email: yousef.almuzaini@ryerson.ca


Victoria Sipinkarovski

Senior Electrical Officer

Victoria is in her third year of Electrical Engineering at Ryerson. 


Nadim Hafez

Senior Biomedical Officer

Nadim is a fourth year Biomedical Engineering student at Ryerson University. Nadim is interested in learning more about signals and systems.

Nadim also enjoys meeting and helping people. Nadim loves swimming, horseback riding. Nadim likes to be challenged.


Email: nadim.hafez@ryerson.ca



Senior Biomedical Officer

Areeba Hussaini

Areeba Hussaini

Junior Electrical Officer

Areeba is a second year electrical student at Ryerson. She is immensely dedicated and very friendly. Areeba is looking forward to meeting new people and assisting other engineering students through her role as Junior Electrical Officer. She loves anything and everything Game Of Thrones, except spoilers!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/areeba-h-b78415119/

Email: areeba.hussaini@ryerson.ca

IEEE Email: areeba.h@ieee.org


Omair Sandhu

Junior Electrical Officer

Omair Is in his second year of Electrical Engineering at Ryerson University. He is passionate about contributing to the engineering scene at Ryerson and beyond. He is always look for more opportunities to get involved. Interests include entrepreneurship, video games, soccer, and all you can eat restaurants.

Email: Omair.Sandhu@ryerson.ca

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/omairsandhu/


George Mikhail

Junior Computer Officer

George is a fourth year Computer Engineering student at Ryerson University. George is interested in making connections and having a good relationship with his peers and colleagues. He is also interested in Automation, Programming, Hardware, and Networks.

In his free time, George likes to volunteer in Church events and prepare/build the equipment needed for those events. He also likes playing Soccer, Table Tennis, Swimming, and Billiards. Furthermore, George spends his free time going out with friends and family and catching up on the enormous number of shows that he watches.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/george-mikhail-611369110

Email: george.mikhail@ryerson.ca


Obai Alsamadi

Junior Computer Officer

Obai is a second year Computer Engineering student at Ryerson University. Self-improvement in every possible aspect of himself is something he seeks and works on consistently. If you know a book or any type of resource related to that, let him know. He’ll appreciate it, he loves learning.

In order to stay focused and relaxed, Obai engages in a wide range of sports, such as martial arts, basketball, weight-lifting, bouldering, and swimming. He also truly enjoys meeting different people and new experiences.

Email: oalsamadi@ryerson.ca


Lior Hason

Junior Biomedical Officer

Lior is in her second year of Biomedical Engineering at Ryerson University. She has a strong sense of responsibility and strives hard to do her best. Once she graduates, Lior is interested in developing existent research on artificial organs, limbs, and wheelchairs which will enable patients to have full range of mobility and sensation. In addition, she is interested in facilitating work involving diagnostic devices of various diseases and to study the physics components of the human body like biomechanics, neurotechnology, and biomaterials.

In her spare time, Lior enjoys listening to music, baking and swimming outdoors.

She is eager to meet new people, so feel free to say hi 🙂

Email: lior.hason@ryerson.ca

Linkedln: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lior-hason-4a056a156/


Adithya Shankar

Junior Biomedical Officer

Adithya is in his second year of Biomedical engineering at Ryerson. He is determined to work through any challenge that he faces and loves to stir up a conversation with people. A few of Adithya’s interests include playing basketball, listening to music, helping others, and additionally he enjoys learning about new STEM related topics.

If you ever wanna play against Adithya in basketball, or need help with anything, just hit him up through.

Email: ashankar@ryerson.ca

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adithya-shankar-88253a131

asrar linked in

Asrar Kaiser

Volunteer Coordinator

Asrar Kaiser is in his third-year of Electrical Engineering at Ryerson University. He is very curious about software development, especially on the AI side, and wants to learn more.

In his leisure time, he enjoys reading books, watching sports and exploring around the city specially to find new restaurants. He is also a very friendly person and loves to expand his social circle, so if you see him around campus, stop by and say hi!

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asrar-k-25640790/

Email: asrar.kaiser@ryerson.ca


Monika Saad


Monika is a third-year electrical engineering student at Ryerson University. Monika is looking forward to meeting new people. Monika is a Scout leader. Monika loves playing tennis as well as going to the gym.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/monika-saad-292456110/

Email: monika.saad@ryerson.ca


Prathap (Patrick) Siddavaatam

Graduate Student Representative

Patrick is in his Final year of his Graduate Program. In his role as a Graduate Representative of the IEEE team, he will be responsible for garnering student awareness about IEEE student body and describing the advantages it creates for engineering graduate students at Ryerson Univeristy. His research interests include Cryptography, Designing Security Framework, Artificial Intelligence, VLSI Design. He also takes part in wildlife conservation and research volunteering programmes with endangered species, cloud forest conservation and sustainability activities. In his spare time he is into hiking and rappelling activities around the world.
Contact Patrick through: