Executive Team


Dewan I. Ahmed


Dewan is a 3rd/4th Year B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering at Ryerson University. He completed his B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in Bangladesh. He is currently working at IBM Canada alongside his schooling. His research interests include: Computer Networks & Security, Internet of Things, Power System Protection, Smart Grid and Off-grid Solar Home System.

Recently, Dewan was awarded IEEE Toronto Section Outstanding New Leader award.


Sadeed Bari

Vice President Operations

Sadeed is the Vice President Operations of IEEE Ryerson. He is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student. He is passionate about the technical aspects of engineering and truly enjoys his involvement with various student groups and societies at Ryerson. Outside of school, Sadeed is a year-round cyclist, enjoys paddling, volunteering, and living an active life. You can connect with Sadeed at sadeed.bari.ca@ieee.org or https://www.linkedin.com/in/sadeedbari


Suha Rabbani

Vice President Academic

Suha is a third year Biomedical Engineering Student at Ryerson University. She is keen on holding various academic events to engage engineering students at Ryerson. Be sure to message her if you have any ideas for any academic events that you want to see IEEE holding! Suha can be reached at syeda.rabbani@ryerson.ca .


Dhyey Patel

Vice President Communications

Dhyey is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson University. As VP Communications, he actively engages meaningful relationships with student and external organization and is responsible for development and ensuring the coverage of surrounding events, opportunities and other announcements. He is very passionate about what he studies and loves meeting new people and inspiring them about that IEEE has to offer to them. Feel free to contact him anytime at, dhyey.patel@ryeson.ca .

Fun Fact: Dhyey loves cars, bikes and to explore various natural locations.  He seeks to research/ work on the engineering aspects of computer architecture, power systems/ electronics and vehicular technology especially electric vehicles.


Jaskaran Karir

Vice President Finance

Jaskaran is in his 4th Year of Computer Engineering at Ryerson University. He is passionate about designing and building PCBs, microcontrollers, software optimization, and network security. As the VP Finance, he’s in charge of making sure that IEEE is able to organize events; Master of Coin per say. He loves dogs, mildly loves cats, and enjoys cooking a diverse set of cuisines. He is highly competitive so whenever you pass by him, don’t be afraid to challenge him to a Rock Paper Scissors showdown. Jaskaran can be reached at jkarir@ryerson.ca .

Fun Fact: Jaskaran loves to longboard and go on challenging hikes.


Suruchi Arora

Vice President Internal

Suruchi is in her 3rd year of Computer Engineering at Ryerson University. As VP Internal, she builds a link between IEEE Ryerson Student Branch and other student groups at Ryerson. She is also VP Finance of RECESS which makes it convenient for the two groups to have collaborative events. Having driven influence from technical and mathematical aspects of engineering is what made her dedicated to her program. Suruchi can be reached at suruchi.arora@ryerson.ca .

Fun fact: Suruchi loves travelling, meeting new people, exploring new places and learning about new technologies and innovations.

Kent Tsuenchy

Kent Tsuenchy

Web Administrator

Kent is the Web Administrator for IEEE Ryerson and is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student. Kent is committed to engaging and getting students involved in activities on campus. Contact Kent if you would like to discuss anything at ktsuench@ryerson.ca.


Rubaiyat Ashna

Web Administrator

Rubaiyat is the Web Administrator for IEEE Ryerson. She is in her 3rd year studying Computer Engineering. Rubaiyat will be maintaining the official IEEE Ryerson Website, helping organize events, and representing IEEE’s Women in Engineering to keep students engaged in their studies. Contact Rubaiyat at rashna@ryerson.ca .


Nailah Azeez

Vice President External

Nailah is a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at Ryerson University. She is passionate about the creativity and complexity engineering has to offer. Nailah places her efforts in getting involved in the engineering community, as she is currently involved in another computer and electrical based group, RECESS (Ryerson Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society) where she currently is the 3rd Year Computer Engineering Representative. Her positive attitude and determination is what drives her towards success. Nailah can be reached at nailah.azeez@ryerson.ca .

Fun fact: Nailah has a sincere love for donuts, so if you ever need someone to share a box of timbits with, she can be your best friend!


Arunan Bavananthan

Senior Electrical Officer

Arunan is the current Senior Electrical Officer for the IEEE Ryerson  and is  a 3rd year Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson. He enjoys learning various materials that are applicable in his field and expanding his knowledge. He enjoys helping out students in his department and being a voice for the students overall. Arunan is currently not only affiliated with IEEE, but also with RECESS (Ryerson Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society) at Ryerson.

Luzalen Marcos

Senior Computer Officer

Luzalen is the Senior Computer Officer and a 3rd/4th year Computer Engineering student. Currently, she is part of the Tri-mentoring program, and a member of the Academic Council at RESS. She hopes to help  computer engineering students be informed, and involved about IEEE events.  In her spare time,  she either reads manga, or watches anime. Say ‘hi’ to her when you see her. If you have any questions or suggestions, email Luzalen at  lmarcos@ryerson.ca


TIthi Tasnuva


Tasnuva is a 3rd Year B.Eng. in Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson University. She is interested about circuit design, Internet of Things and Smart Grid. She is actively engaged with Ryerson’s Women in Engineering. Tithi can be reached at tithi.tasnuva@ryerson.ca and http://www.linkedin.com/in/ttasnuva

Fun Fact: Tasnuva is a professional Henna Artist and loves photography.


Gordon Gray

Senior Biomedical Officer

Gordon is a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student interested in all things technology, health and software related. As the Senior Biomedical Officer, he enjoys talking to students about all the amazing events and opportunities IEEE Ryerson has to offer. Aside from IEEE Ryerson, he is also working on a project for Tetra Ryerson. He enjoys playing around with 3D printing, online games, learning to code and teaching others. Gordon can be reached at gordon.gray@ryerson.ca or 



Wadi Naoum

Junior Electrical Officer

Wadi is a third-year electrical engineering student at Ryerson University. Wadi is a Junior Electrical officer at IEEE Ryerson student branch. Wadi can be reached at  wnaoum@ryerson.ca or at


Vidhi Patel

Junior Computer Officer

Vidhi is a third year computer engineering student at Ryerson University and is a member of IEEE Ryerson Student Branch.She is friendly and easy to approach and looks forward to meeting new people. If you have any question or concerns feel to free to contact her at vidhi.p.patel@ryerson.ca .


Mehali Mistry

Junior Biomedical Officer

Mehali is a 3rd year biomedical engineering student at Ryerson University, and is the junior biomedical officer at IEEE Ryerson. Mehali is currently working on 2 design project for Tetra Ryerson. She is a dedicated, hardworking individual who is passionate about helping others. Feel free to contact her at mpmistry@ryerson.ca or 

https://ca.linkedin.com/in/mehali-mistry .


Kirill Vasilevski

Junior Computer Officer

Kirill is a 2nd year Computer Engineering student at Ryerson University. As a Junior Computer Officer, he enjoys helping students to learn about IEEE, and how it could benefit the entire student body at Ryerson. Aside from IEEE, he is also involved as a part of Corporate Relations Committee for RESS. If you have any questions or ideas about IEEE Ryerson, feel free to sent him an email. Kirill can be reached at kirill.vasilevski@ieee.org .

Fun fact: In his spare time, Kirill is an avid airsofter, gamer, and a martial artist.

Bipin Aasi

Junior Biomedical Officer

Bipin is a 2nd year Biomedical Engineering student at Ryerson University. Bipin enjoys taking on personal engineering projects, he is currently working on a simple EEG (electroencephalogram). Bipin is currently working at the Tri-Mentoring Program as Lead Mentor, loves to take on new opportunities to learn and share experiences to bring forth a stronger community. Feel free to contact Bipin at bipin.aasi@ryerson.ca .

Fun fact: Bipin enjoys running in his spare time. As a kid, Bipin’s least favorite topics were biology and engineering. He makes sure to learn at least one new thing and accomplish something every day.



Daniel Thoo

Joint Volunteer Coordinator

Daniel is a 2nd year Electrical Engineering student at Ryerson University. He loves going to events and is always excited to meet new people. Daniel is passionate about learning new things, and being active in the communities at Ryerson. He plays several musical instruments such as guitar and piano, and messes around with his Arduino board in his free time. You can reach Daniel at daniel.thoo@ieee.org .


Ibukun Oluwayomi

Volunteer coordinator

Ibukun is a 4th year Biomedical engineering student. His interests are in Biomedical signal acquisition and Software engineering. As the volunteer coordinator for IEEE Ryerson, Ibukun spends his time reaching out to students on campus to inform them about opportunities and benefits of participating in IEEE events and being an IEEE member. He is always excited to make new connections.