Dr. Dimitri Androutsos
March 12, 2018


Dr. Dimitri Androutsos is the department chair of Ryerson’s Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering and has been an Electrical and Computer Professor at Ryerson since 2004. Dr. Androutsos is the two time recipient of the Ryerson Teaching Excellence Award as well as the Professor of the Year Award from IEEE Ryerson and The Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Students’ Association.


Dr. Androutsos is a image processing researcher. His research interests include multimedia, high dynamic range imaging, and 2D-3D conversion. Dr. Androutsos’s additions to the electrical engineering field, and guidance as a professor and supervisor to students has led him to being a well respected Professor at Ryerson University.


IEEE Ryerson Student Branch talks with Dr. Dimitri Androutsos about his field of study and his research where we learn some words of wisdom and some opportunities for Ryerson engineering students!


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