IEEEXtreme is a 24-hour global programming competition held in October in which teams of IEEE student members compete to solve a set of programming problems. Each year the IEEE Ryerson Student Chapter holds the competition right on campus!

Competitors can make teams of up to 3 people and will receive a set of programming problems that they will need to solve within the allotted time. IEEE Ryerson provides snacks and meals through out the day for competitors to keep up their strength, and at the end of the intensive 24 hours, the Ryerson winner as well as the global standings are announced!

Who Can Compete?

To compete you must be an IEEE member (Student member or Graduate Student member only). IEEE membership numbers will be required. The problems can be solved in a group of up to 3 IEEE Student or Graduate Student members. Teams can only include a maximum of two Graduate Student members per team.

IEEE Ryerson encourages all students to participate! To learn more about IEEEXtreme visit the Practice Community or ask an executive member!

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